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I'm not entirely sure when it happened, but this community now has 100 watchers and 51 members. One of each of those is me and I'm not quite sure how far that overlaps, but I think there's enough of a disconnect that it means there's at least a hundred people who... care that I make icons? Or think they're pretty or something. It's 2 am, cut me some slack, I'm ineloquent.

Anyway, point is, that is a lot of people and... As a thank you, I'm taking requests from the first twenty people to comment.

This can vary from suggesting an actor/actress or a movie for me to icon (I'm looking to watch more movies this year, so honestly, if I can get my hands on it and it doesn't sound totally unappealing to me, pretty much anything is fair game, although obviously this might take a bit longer) to linking me to specific pictures you want iconned, up to... let's say twenty. Higher quality is always better and I can't promise I'll do all of them or that I'll be terribly quick about it, but. Or I can just surprise you from your interests, if you like. The more specific you are about what you want, the likelier you are to get that and not me just flailing around madly. XD

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I clearly wanted to be the first person so more coherently I would LOVE icons of Dakota Fanning.
Here are some links to some pics but ANYolder teen Dakota would be awesome:
here (, here (, here ( and here (

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Yeah, anything from fourteen upwards so like 2008 plus are peachy with me. I know and she was like Homecoming Queen? Or something as well and I was just all awwww she's all growing up!


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I'd love to see some Anne Hathaway :)

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Oh my god! It's 5:30 where I'm at right now and I just woke up to let my dog out and I saw this. You made me squeal with delight lol I absolutely love your icons! If you don't mind... may I request some Mark/Lexie? And not to be selfish, but I absolutely adore your Gossip Girl icons, too.

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S1 would be perfect :) I really loved all of the characters in that season so whatever you feel like doing, I'm sure I'll snag all of them lol

And oh goodness, M/L rolling around in bed? Yep, I can die happy now :D

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I've been looking for some good icons of the 5th generation of Skins, so if you could do that, that would be great. If not, icons of Jason Segel are also good. =]

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I would love some Grey's Anatomy - Meredith, Callie, Arizona, Lexie, Sloan, and Alex are my favorite characters. Or ANYTHING Glee, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother, Leighton Meester, Rachel McAdams . . I can find pics if you need them.
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More Being Human icons would be fabulous! :D
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The Big Bang Theory, though... I'm not entirely sure where one finds caps for that. I will have to poke around. :D

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Harry Lloyd? :D

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Please please please make me some of my iheartit ( pics! I don't expect you to go back through all 31 pages ahaha but use whatever you like! Stock icons wooo!

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Oh man, STEF. I would love ANYTHING from you. Particularly anything from "Vincent and the Doctor", or various Austen adaptations, or the original Rebecca or Karen Gillan/Matt Smith candids or ANYTHING YOU WANT TO GIVE ME.

*fawns at your feet most devotedly*

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Oh man, Stef, now's a good opportunity to introduce you to the sci-fi wonder that is Sunshine. It's got Cillian Murphy as the PROTAGONIST, NOT THE VILLAIN FOR ONCE...! XD And he does an AWESOME job with the part, so you should definitely check it out. :DDDD And then maybe do some icons, for moi? *bats eyelashes*

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(Silly, of course I'm alive and well. I dropped in on your last gif party, remember? D: I had the "FEZZES ARE COOL" GIF!)

It was a bit depressing, I admit, but it was also soooo good. :D It was an amazing story, and an INCREDIBLE cast. And to answer your question, I was especially fond of Cassie (Rose Byrne's character-- godsheissopretty....!)

PS: I LOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR KNOWING HOW TO USE A SEMI-COLON PROPERLY! I see the poor thing misused and abused so often online...! :<

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I'd love some more Veronica Mars and The OC icons!

Also, can I save a spot?

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Ooh are there more request spots open? :D? If so, can I request icons of Emma Stone from Zombieland for coughcough future RP purposes coughcough.

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Oh, do not even worry about it! I was just looking around on the internets for some icons myself and realized what a distressing lack of good ones there are, but I'm not in any hurry right now (especially as I am already prepping on another app for next month anyway), so this is just a "in the semi-distant future when you have a spare second and if you feel like it" request. :D

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I noticed that too. :D But thanks a bunch! I'm a huge fan of your icons, that's for sure. Well, I'm planning to make Manda very happy and try to bring Steve McGarrett of Hawaii Five-0 in. :D We'll see!
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Or not so random. Namely that I would love either Léa Seydoux, Gemma Arterton or Felicity Jones icons. JUST CAUSE. Or something. Something like that. I can has words.
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It's okay! ♥ I only realised like...ten minutes after I posted this how crazy/demanding that sounded. So really! No rush! I understand that you are packing and have ten billion caps and all of that. SO TAKE YOUR TIME.

But galleries can be found: Gemma here
Léa here (you need pw for the really nice caps, but I have one that I can give up easily to you).