shelightsupwell: (act: je savoure ces instants fragiles)
georgia rose ([personal profile] shelightsupwell) wrote in [community profile] truthtotell2011-11-27 10:20 am
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It's been ages since I last did a post for this community and I'm itching to make icons, but work has kept me way too busy to actually watch and cap much of anything, so I'm coming to ask you guys for help.


Obviously things I like are more likely to hold my attention (anything I've iconned before, but not limited to that), but pretty much anything is fair game.* Screen caps, photo shoots, movie stills — throw it at me and we'll see what sticks. The higher the quality, the better, and of course, I don't promise to icon everything, just what catches my fancy, but the more, the merrier.

* My one caveat is nothing from Downton Abbey after 2x04, please. It's the only thing I'm intent on remaining mostly unspoiled for. Everything else, come at me, bro.

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