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I am sitting here trying to think what I should write about this and all I've really got is, oh my god, you guys, I love Emma Frost. She's changed a lot over the years, played a lot of parts, done a lot of things both good and not so much, and she's always interesting, always a little different from what you might expect. It seems a little weird, maybe, to match Emma with this kind of music — it's certainly not music she would pick for herself — but I think it suits her.

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I love Grey's Anatomy, but I've really never been a fan of Meredith/Derek, unlike, apparently, nearly everyone else who watches. Still, as I was compiling playlists on iTunes recently, I found myself coming across songs that reminded me of them and I put them together into this small fanmix I told Laine I'd post, so here it is.

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I recently finished catching up on Mad Men. While my absolutely favorite has to be Joan, there's no denying that there's something utterly fascinating about Betty Draper. Of all the show's characters, she's the one I'm most excited to see this season. There are just so many places they could go with her. Anyway, I told [ profile] pulltheripchord I'd make this and I did. The hardest part turned out to be cutting it down to a decent length.

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