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It's been ages since I last did a post for this community and I'm itching to make icons, but work has kept me way too busy to actually watch and cap much of anything, so I'm coming to ask you guys for help.


Obviously things I like are more likely to hold my attention (anything I've iconned before, but not limited to that), but pretty much anything is fair game.* Screen caps, photo shoots, movie stills — throw it at me and we'll see what sticks. The higher the quality, the better, and of course, I don't promise to icon everything, just what catches my fancy, but the more, the merrier.

* My one caveat is nothing from Downton Abbey after 2x04, please. It's the only thing I'm intent on remaining mostly unspoiled for. Everything else, come at me, bro.
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Again, let me know if you'd prefer these be marked as not for sharing. I meant to have these up so much sooner, but first I was sick and then life got crazy. Anyway, here they are now. I have another batch of non-request icons coming up sometime in the next week probably, but chances are pretty good that, other than that, I won't be around much for the next month or so.

[01 - 80] REQUESTS, part 2 of 2: icons for [ profile] whatwedo, [ profile] viorica8957, [ profile] bsafemydeers, [ profile] zombres, [ profile] a_rocky_ravine and [ profile] fudgesicles.

So if you wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it. )
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Let me know if you'd prefer these be marked as not for sharing. :D The second half of these should be in the next week!

[001 - 105] REQUESTS, part 1 of 2: icons for [ profile] butterflysteve, [ profile] darklight90, [ profile] lexiesloan, [ profile] i_luv_stanislav, [ profile] wildfirelies and [ profile] genjadeshade.
[106 - 112] Blue Valentine
[113 - 128] Boy A

It was always Jack. )
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I'm not entirely sure when it happened, but this community now has 100 watchers and 51 members. One of each of those is me and I'm not quite sure how far that overlaps, but I think there's enough of a disconnect that it means there's at least a hundred people who... care that I make icons? Or think they're pretty or something. It's 2 am, cut me some slack, I'm ineloquent.

Anyway, point is, that is a lot of people and... As a thank you, I'm taking requests from the first twenty people to comment.

This can vary from suggesting an actor/actress or a movie for me to icon (I'm looking to watch more movies this year, so honestly, if I can get my hands on it and it doesn't sound totally unappealing to me, pretty much anything is fair game, although obviously this might take a bit longer) to linking me to specific pictures you want iconned, up to... let's say twenty. Higher quality is always better and I can't promise I'll do all of them or that I'll be terribly quick about it, but. Or I can just surprise you from your interests, if you like. The more specific you are about what you want, the likelier you are to get that and not me just flailing around madly. XD

[14/20] CLOSED


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