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Again, let me know if you'd prefer these be marked as not for sharing. I meant to have these up so much sooner, but first I was sick and then life got crazy. Anyway, here they are now. I have another batch of non-request icons coming up sometime in the next week probably, but chances are pretty good that, other than that, I won't be around much for the next month or so.

[01 - 80] REQUESTS, part 2 of 2: icons for [ profile] whatwedo, [ profile] viorica8957, [ profile] bsafemydeers, [ profile] zombres, [ profile] a_rocky_ravine and [ profile] fudgesicles.

So if you wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it. )
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Wow, it's like I have a crush on Chris O'Donnell or something. Because I'm, like, still twelve. Although when I was twelve, I don't think I would have been this attracted to Jaime Ray Newman.

[01 - 10] Eastwick
[11 - 46] stock / pin-up art
[47 - 64] Grey's Anatomy
[65 - 68] NCIS: LA
[69 - 77] Glee

I'm dating. And it comes with snacks. )
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[01 - 48] stock
[49 - 72] Grey's Anatomy (season three)

McDreamy did the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard. )


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