shelightsupwell: (es: spin me faster like a kaleidoscope)
georgia rose ([personal profile] shelightsupwell) wrote in [community profile] truthtotell 2011-02-23 08:57 am (UTC)

I'd be happier to move if fairies or magicians or just regular dudes would just pack my shit for me, no lie. Packing is haaaaaard.

LMFAO 'IT.' YEAH, YOU'RE AN IT. NOT GONNA LIE, I didn't realize this was you until like, last month, I AM SLOW, but I've seen you on Lina's and sometime's Angie's LJs, and then you linked a fanmix, I think, and I clicked through and I told Laine HOLY SHIT THAT'S MAY WHY AM I DUMB I DIDN'T REALIZE, true story. Oh man, that sounds sort of creeper, but I'm gonna leave it, because it's true.

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